Love Tasting (2020)

Love tasting poster


Original Title: Ostatni Komers (2020) | Duration: unknown | Release date: unknown


The teen drama about a group of teenagers as they deal with school, love, friendship,
family, sex and all. Olivia lost her virginity a few days ago. She’s very distressed about it and goes to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test – to her dismay, the result is positive. Tomek (16) is a well-behaved boy from a wealthy family. He tries to learn how to dance “hakken” by watching YouTube videos. Soon, he meets Kuba (18) – new boyfriend of his twin sister who happens to also be his best friend – Monika (16). Tomek is fascinated with Kuba (older, athletic, lives in the lowrisers), to the point where he starts to change his physical appearance, to look more like him. As the boys get closer, the tension between the twins grows. Siblings’ love and friendship is put to the test when Tomek confesses to Monika his sexual identity.


Directed by: Dawid Nickel
Screenplay by: Dawid Nickel
Credited cast: Sandra Drzymalska, Agnieszka Żulewska, Mikołaj Matczak
Produced by: Marta Habior